The Curse of Blessings

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"Chefitz audaciously claims that he can tell us stories that will burrow into our souls and remain there. And then he proves it."
- Harold Kushner

STORIES HAVE WISDOM OF ANCIENT TALES -- “The Curse of Blessings promotes itself by claiming that 'sometimes the right story can change your life.' This is not the kind of book one buys for oneself; rather it is the kind of book one gives, or hopes to receive, as a gift. It is a collection of nine stories told in the larger context of a 10th. . . . Individually, they have the simple, yet insistent, wisdom of truly ancient tales, and in that sense, they are the kinds of stories that could change one's life."
The Post and Courier, Charleston, SC

“This little gem can be read in one sitting and then savored over and over again. The Curse of Blessings: Sometimes, the Right Story Can Change Your Life. . . presents tales of spiritual wisdom based on principles of the Kabbalah that provide universal insight. . . . With his haunting and lyrical style, Chefitz (the best-selling author of The Seventh Telling) expresses life’s most complex truths in an extremely readable format. Readers – like the characters in the book who are gifted with the lessons – can allow themselves to be transformed by them or not, depending on what they learn.
Miami Monthly Magazine

" 'Precious' " is not a word I use often, but that's what I find this collection of stories to be. I keep it with me, open it from time to time, and always find something to inspire me. At the moment, it's the story Gabriel's Horn. Chefitz has woven stories from the fabric of soul. They wear well."
- SarahLeah Hankes (