The Curse of Blessings

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A Summary of The Curse of Blessings

The Curse of Blessings is a paradox. It is a tale of utter simplicity that expresses life's most complex truths. It is a story that can be read in a sitting, but which will stay with you forever. It is life--distilled to its purest element--while revealing the world in all its richness and wonder. The Curse of Blessings takes four characters on a journey that will transform them--or not--depending on what they are willing to let themselves hear.

Once in a generation a book comes along that is able to convey universal truths and wisdom within the simplest of frameworks. Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Celestine Prophecy before it, The Curse of Blessings is just such a book. With a haunting, lyrical touch, Mitchell Chefitz presents a teaching tale that is at once disturbing, profound and inspiring-for those who are willing to listen. The Curse of Blessings can reveal nothing....or it can show you everything. The choice is yours.


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