Chefitz audaciously claims that he can tell us stories that will burrow into our souls and remain there. And then he proves it."

Harold Kushner



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The Seventh Telling    
The Thirty-third Hour


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"Mitch Chefitz daringly pushes the envelope of American Judaism." -- Ellen Frankel, Editor-in-Chief, Jewish Publication Society
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Trade Paper
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"In The Thirty-third Hour, Mitch Chefitz daringly pushes the envelope of American Judaism, challenging Jews to reinvent their synagogues, their communities, and their own Jewish identities. Revolutionary and original!" -- Ellen Frankel

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The Seventh Telling: "A superb, multidimensional teaching tale that serves as a gentle gate to a living encounter with the experiential Kabbalah."

Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
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