Dear Colleagues:

You've reached the corner of my website intended for rabbis, educators, program directors, and other Jewish community leaders.

I hope my novels, The Seventh Telling and The Thirty-third Hour, have found a place in your community. They are provocative works, likely to raise questions concerning Jewish spirituality.

Within them you will find:

  • A working framework of the Kabbalah.
  • Examples of Jewish spiritual practice.
  • A description of a synagogue-based havurah network.

The form of the novel works well to treat these topics broadly, but doesn't allow for detail. These pages provide some detail.

You are welcome to copy and reshape these materials to meet the needs of your community. They are written for use by lay committees and should require little staff involvement after the initial sessions.

A link to the promotional website for the novels will bring you to other useful pages and a way to communicate with me directly. I look forward to your feedback.

B'haverut -- In friendship,

Mitch Chefitz